Learn about Stairwell

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Learn how the Stairwell platform can help protect your organization against advanced attacks.

The Stairwell platform is a continuous intelligence, detection, and response solution that works out of sight, out of time, and out of band from attacks and attackers to eliminate threats that aren’t addressed by today’s “best practice” security blueprint. By ingesting, storing, and continuously scanning your organization’s executable files, Stairwell uniquely delivers visibility and analysis across all time horizons, allowing your security team to confidently protect your organization from advanced attacks.

What problems does the Stairwell platform solve?

  • Detects supply-chain attacks from vendor-supplied code running on your servers and workstations
  • Discovers malware variants before they are reported
  • Immediately determines whether the latest threat-of-the-day impacts your organization
  • Uncovers threats your other tools miss
  • Speeds creation of customized defenses with contextual intelligence
  • Improves triage effectiveness
Dramatically improve detection

Improve your threat detection through continuous analysis of your organization’s environment, now, in the past, or in the future in light of emerging threat intelligence.

Gain confidence in protection

Know with certainty whether your environment is or was compromised.

Reduce costs and losses from breaches

Improve your team’s ability to efficiently detect and respond to known and unknown threats; reduce costs and risk of losses from breaches.

Features Benefits
Dramatically improve detection
Simplified collection and unlimited retention of your files Continuous examination of the actual intrusion evidence from your past and present environments
Continuous, research-grade static and dynamic analysis Detects past and present intrusions as new information becomes available
Evolving set of Stairwell curated YARA rules Detection of emerging threats in your environment
Continuous and retrospective scans with Mal-Eval Quickly identify malicious files to take corrective action
Gain confidence in protection
Rich workflow support for triaging, YARA authoring, threat hunting, and incident response (IR) Eliminates information silos and allows a single source of truth across Security Operations Center (SOC) threat analysts, and IR teams, improving your overall security
Prebuilt integrations and APIs Seamlessly and bi-directionally integrates into your existing workflows (SOAR, SIEM, email) to enrich existing alerts and IoCs
Access to shared intelligence, including hundreds of millions of pieces of malware and thousands of YARA rules Provides additional threat intelligence context for Stairwell’s ongoing compromise detection
File reputation Automate your SOC workflows with rich file reputation data from Stairwell
Reduce costs and losses from breaches
Lightning fast data searching across your entire file corpus Accelerates speed of analysis, hunting, and response
High-fidelity malware variant discovery with the click of a button Discovers in seconds what can take experts days or weeks to achieve, allowing any team member to triage every alert with research-grade understanding
Multi-tenancy Separate access-controlled environments create efficiencies for managed service providers and large organizations