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Detect the unknown
Detect the unknown
Employ static and dynamic analysis at the binary level for automatic threat detection. Build queries and utilize our library of over 4,200 YARA rules to hunt for and identify patterns across all your files.
Eliminate endpoint constraints
Eliminate endpoint constraints
Our cloud-based, continuous analysis doesn’t slow down your endpoints. Detect threats without any limitations on scale or impact to your organization.
Get more bang for your buck
Get more bang for your buck
Empower every member of your security team and render expensive threat assessments obsolete. Cut down on the time and costs associated with investigations, threat assessments, and both threat hunting and incident response efforts.

Empower your entire team

Mike Wyatt

The art of demystifying sophisticated tools has always been highly compartmentalized. Stairwell is fundamentally disrupting that model and arming every security practitioner on the planet. Stop pretending and start defending.

Mike Wyatt, Chief Security Officer
Bill Coughran

They're rewriting the rules for cybersecurity. Instead of a game of “retroactive whack-a-mole,” Stairwell proactively looks inward, applying the same techniques that power internet searches to scrutinize every file in your organization.

Bill Coughran, Partner
Steve Loughlin

They are boldly solving the most serious security challenges that enterprises face through their Stairwell platform, which provides automated recursive, contextual threat analysis, detection, and response.

Steve Loughlin, Partner
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