Intel into action

Intelligence put into action

At Stairwell, we think it’s time to turn security inside out, to leave the world of passive alerts behind, and to step into a new era of proactive awareness.

We believe the techniques that allow you to search the entire internet in a fraction of a second should be applied to the cumbersome process of searching and analyzing massive file stores for potential threats. At Stairwell, we apply leading principles from web-scale search and social graph processing to security.

Intelligence is put into action, so you can outsmart even the world’s most sophisticated attackers—and stay a step ahead.

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Unlock time

Unlock time to detect compromise faster

What typically takes months, Stairwell can surface immediately.

Attackers are good at covering their tracks and may be undetected for weeks or even months. But with Stairwell, attackers can’t delete the past or hide while waiting to strike.

By pre-preserving the evidence, we remove the time-sensitive nature of threat intelligence, detecting past intrusions and anticipating future attacks. Apply new learnings to the past, present, and future states of your environment.

The Inception platform’s ability to apply new threat knowledge to the past, present and future state of any file in an organization’s environment significantly reduces detection times and enables identification of past events in a way that’s never been done before.

Security leader

Leading MSSP

Continuous and retroactive scanning with the Inception platform gives us increased visibility to potentially malicious activity across our network environment—even in the past— and the ability to quickly triage those files.

Security Operations Manager

Entertainment Industry

The Stairwell platform provides a suite of detection and analysis tools that make our processes more efficient and effective.

Security Threat Analyst

Business Application

It gives us unique insight into unusual files and makes it efficient to perform on-the-fly testing, which is especially useful.

Security Operations Manager

Entertainment Industry

Stairwell is opening up new capacity for us to increase coverage in our environment to outsmart attackers.


Retail Industry

Inside out

We turn security inside out

While others look outside for information, we start by looking inside, with the data that matters most to you—your data.

Our inside-out approach pre-preserves evidence and produces contextual intelligence that better protects your organization—and enhances the skills of your team, from the newest to the most seasoned.

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Attackers reach

Out of the attacker’s reach

A defense an attacker can’t see is one they can’t test. With Stairwell, attackers can’t use your defenses against you. Your instance of Stairwell is singular, and never reachable by an attacker.