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Eliminate the blind spots.

Industry-standard security tools have blind spots that bad actors actively exploit. Get the visibility and capabilities you need to confidently secure your organization.

Discover undiscovered

Current tools are a roadmap for bad actors

Bad actors are constantly testing and adapting their attacks against the very security tools every organization has in its belt, finding new ways to get around the prevention measures in place and stay a step ahead.

Malware variants are easier to create, supply chain vulnerabilities are hiding in plain sight, and new attacks fly under the radar.

Security teams of all sizes are in need of greater visibility and capabilities to overcome the blind spots within their current cybersecurity tools.

Introducing the first CIDR platform

Inception – the first continuous intelligence, detection, and response (CIDR) platform – continuously ingests, stores, and scans all the executable files within your organization.

With Inception by your side, you get the tools you and your team need to confidently hunt, research, and respond to threats across your environment from any point in time.

See how it works
Mike Wiacek

Security teams rely on the same systems – just branded with different logos. Homogeneity doesn’t help us, it helps adversaries who are able to test and modify their tools to evade entire classes of products. If we want to gain the high ground, we need to outsmart attackers with a different approach.

Mike Wiacek

CEO and founder, Stairwell

Mike and his team have begun rewriting the rules for cybersecurity. Instead of a game of “retroactive whack-a-mole,” Stairwell proactively looks inward, applying the same techniques that power internet searches to scrutinize every file in your organization.

Bill Coughran

Partner at Sequoia Capital

Mike and the team are boldly solving the most serious security challenges that enterprises face through their Inception platform, which provides automated recursive, contextual threat analysis, detection, and response.

Steve Loughlin

Partner at Accel

The Inception platform’s ability to apply new threat knowledge to the past, present and future state of any file in an organization’s environment significantly reduces detection times and enables identification of past events in a way that’s never been done before.

Eric Foster

President at Cyderes