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Break free from the blueprint

Checking off the boxes isn’t enough to keep your organization secure. The Inception platform can help you stay a step ahead.

Wiacek Explaining

Take back the cybersecurity high ground

Stairwell empowers organizations to take back the cybersecurity high ground with its Inception platform that attackers can’t detect or evade. Inception:

Unlocks time for threat analysis by treating all files as suspicious and pre-preserving them as evidence to speed threat detection and uncover previously unknown compromises.

Operates inside out to identify what’s unique to your environment and contextualize it at scale so your security teams can easily understand and act on novel discoveries.

Keeps you out of attackers’ reach with defenses unique to your organization that are imperceptible to threat actors.

Unlock time for faster threat detection

What typically takes months, Inception can surface immediately.

Attackers are good at covering their tracks and may be undetected for weeks or even months. But with the Inception platform, attackers can’t delete the past or hide while waiting to strike.

By pre-preserving the evidence, we remove the time-sensitive nature of threat detection, revealing past intrusions and anticipating future attacks. You can continuously apply new learnings to the past, present, and future states of your environment.

Turn security inside out

While others look outside for information, we take an inside-out approach, focusing on the data that matters most to you—your data. Inception enriches this data with external information and emerging insights, providing context at scale. In this way, you create your own threat detection for the threats targeting your organization. This tailored intelligence better protects your organization, while the tools in the Inception platform enhance and amplify the skills of your team, from the newest to the most seasoned.

Stay out of the attacker’s reach

A defense an attacker can’t see is one they can’t test. Use Inception to create tailored defenses and intelligence that the attackers can’t test against or reverse engineer.

More about Inception
Mike Wiacek

Security teams rely on the same systems – just branded with different logos. Homogeneity doesn’t help us, it helps adversaries who are able to test and modify their tools to evade entire classes of products. If we want to gain the high ground, we need to outsmart attackers with a different approach.

Mike Wiacek

CEO and founder, Stairwell

Mike and his team have begun rewriting the rules for cybersecurity. Instead of a game of “retroactive whack-a-mole,” Stairwell proactively looks inward, applying the same techniques that power internet searches to scrutinize every file in your organization.

Bill Coughran

Partner at Sequoia Capital

Mike and the team are boldly solving the most serious security challenges that enterprises face through their Inception platform, which provides automated recursive, contextual threat analysis, detection, and response.

Steve Loughlin

Partner at Accel

The Inception platform’s ability to apply new threat knowledge to the past, present and future state of any file in an organization’s environment significantly reduces detection times and enables identification of past events in a way that’s never been done before.

Eric Foster

President at Cyderes