Dwell with Us

Who we are

At Stairwell we embody the best attributes of hacker culture without sacrificing empathy, respect, and passion. While each of us brings unique talents and capabilities to the table, it's a shared excitement for the next challenge that drives us forward together.

Our curiosity drives us.  Our humanity bonds us.  And we believe that the future is just beginning…

Distributed DNA

We built Stairwell as a fully distributed company. Our close knit group spans from the Bay through the Rockies to the beaches of Florida.

For us, togetherness has nothing to do with being in the same physical location. It has everything to do with embracing the weird and wonderful talents of our companions at code to create enhanced defense capabilities for all.  

Our principles

Passionately Curious
Diversity of Perspectives
Products not Promises
Dwellers for and with others
Practically Excellent

Who we are looking for

People who are driven to go a step further.
People who want to chart a course for which there is no road.
People who share success, failure, and everything in between.
People who want to put security in reach of everyone.

Fully Remote

Data Scientist

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Fully Remote

Software Engineer

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Fully Remote

Product Marketing Manager

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Fully Remote

Front-end Engineer

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Fully Remote

Solutions Engineer

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Fully Remote

What did we miss?

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Dweller values

Before we started scoping products and services, before we wrote a business plan or job descriptions, we outlined our foundational principles that would define our values to each other and our customers.

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Mike, Andrew, and Dina on a Stairwell team outing. Smiling in front of a graffiti wall in Denver.