Who we are

Stairwell is a group of smart, driven individuals who embody the best attributes of hacker culture without sacrificing empathy, respect, or passion. While each of us contributes unique talents and perspectives, it's a shared excitement for the next challenge that drives us forward together. We believe the future of cybersecurity is bright.

Jan and Teja

Our guiding principles

We are distributed, open to diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, and united by a common set of values:

Passionately curious

We’re never looking to just solve a problem and move on. We appreciate that even a seemingly simple problem can lead to deep insights and unforeseen opportunities.

Diversity of perspectives

To stay ahead of the curve and continually outsmart attackers, we must embrace approaches that may seem unorthodox—and accept inspiration in every field, from physics and finance to epidemiology and law.

Products, not promises

Anyone can sell a promise. We deliver results. As a company, we’ll always be direct, upfront, and truthful—valuing our relationships with customers above all else.

Go a step above

The internet is an amazing force for good; it connects, educates, and drives business. We’re a part of that community and consumed with the goal of finding better ways to make it safer for everyone.

Practical excellence

We pursue excellence in everything we do but are always pragmatic in what we choose. We believe in the adage that says you shouldn’t make something unless it’s necessary and useful—and if it’s both, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.

Valerie Mike and Jan

Distributed DNA: A smarter way to work

In today’s world, working together no longer requires physical presence. Our team contributes from the Bay Area to the Rockies to the beaches of Florida. We want to embrace your wonderful and unique talents wherever you happen to be, and however you happen to work.

Open roles

Join us

We’re looking for people who go a step further—the people who don’t see challenges but opportunities to delight and transform. To them, there are no solved problems, just existing solutions that can always be improved. They don’t retreat from a challenge, they leap towards it. Their best work isn’t in isolation, but as part of a team that amplifies their potential and drives their collective ambitions higher. This is who we strive to be. This is who we’re looking for. Is this you?