Platform overview

Why Inception

Get deep and actionable visibility into your own environment so you can detect and respond to attacker compromise—whether current, future, or even in the past. Outsmart attackers and stay out of their reach.

Discover undiscovered

Discover the undiscovered

Adversaries are successful because of how well they know your defenses. All the security tools you can buy are a part of their testing arsenal. But with Inception, your security teams create out-of-band defenses that can’t be used against you.

Traditional approaches focus on applying outside insights into your environment. Most security teams are fast-following, checking lists of “bad things” in a type of retroactive whack-a-mole. Inception gives you visibility from the inside out instead. You understand what’s going on within your environment in relation to the outside world.

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High ground

Take back the high ground

Instead of triaging irrelevant noisy alerts, use Inception to focus on things that matter, whether they are anomalous, outright nefarious, or something in between. Inception seeks and scrutinizes novel signals in your environment and alerts you to problems that no one else has found. You can anticipate what’s to come, and stop it before it strikes. And because Inception pre-preserves evidence, you can analyze it at any time, even in your past environments.

Unlock Time

Detect compromise across past, present and future states

Inside Out

Produce your own contextual threat intelligence

Stay Out of Attackers’ Reach

Create tailored, constantly adapting defenses

Outsmart attackers

Outsmart attackers with Inception

Inception empowers your teams with recursive contextual threat analysis, detection, and response. It creates tailored, adapting, threat defenses for every organization that are imperceptible to even the most sophisticated attackers.

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How it works

Create tailored, constantly adapting defenses


Inception makes it easy to collect any file within your environment, creating a virtual evidence locker that’s private, secure, searchable, and tailored to your organization.


Inception automatically analyzes all collected files, keeping a living record of your environment—past and present—to create tailored intelligence and enrich it with external information and emerging insights.


Use the pre-preserved view of your environment to separate the signal from the noise, understand relationships between the malicious and the suspicious, and identify previous compromises and prevent future threats.


Inception is designed to integrate with your security workflow. You can use pre-built integrations or use the Inception API to build a custom integration.

Inception works for the whole team


Deep visibility into the organization’s environment.

Speedy identification of potential threats.

Proactive “Plan B” for activity that AV and EDR miss.


Better and easier malware detection.

Unpredecented insights into low-prevalence files.

Enhanced prowess in YARA rule creation.


Faster time to insight.

Greater efficiency in archiving and re-opening cases.

Ability to extract actual evidence for investigation.


Faster mean time to triage.

Improved understanding of data connections.

More time for deeper security work.