Platform overview

Why Inception

Get deep and actionable visibility into your own environment so that any member of your security team can detect and respond quickly to attacker compromise—whether current, future, or even in the past. Inception enables a SOC analyst to identify malware variants with the click of a button.

Inception uplevels your whole team with automated research-grade analysis


Deep visibility into the organization’s environment.

Speedy identification of potential threats.

Proactive “Plan B” for activity that AV and EDR miss.


Better and easier malware detection.

Unpredecented insights into low-prevalence files.

Enhanced prowess in YARA rule creation.


Faster time to insight.

Greater efficiency in archiving and re-opening cases.

Ability to extract actual evidence for investigation.


Faster mean time to triage.

Improved understanding of data connections.

More time for deeper security work.


Guided threat analysis, detection, and response

The Inception platform delivers pioneering capabilities for recursive threat hunting, detection and response, enabling you to outsmart attackers.

Because Inception pre-preserves the evidence in your environment, you have the ability to apply new learnings across past, present and future states. Contrast this with anti-virus, which is point-in-time, and SIEMs that store data, but don’t preserve the original artifacts for later examination.

Inception gives you visibility from the inside out, streamlining your ability to determine which threats matter most to your organization.

And attackers can’t perceive or test against the out-of-band defenses you create with Inception, keeping you out of their reach.

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How it works

Create tailored, constantly adapting defenses


Inception makes it easy to collect any file within your environment, creating a virtual evidence locker that’s private, secure, searchable, and tailored to your organization.


Inception automatically analyzes all collected files, keeping a living record of your environment—past and present—to create tailored intelligence and enrich it with external information and emerging insights.


Use the pre-preserved view of your environment to separate the signal from the noise, understand relationships between the malicious and the suspicious, and identify previous compromises and prevent future threats.


Inception is designed to integrate with your security workflow. You can use pre-built integrations or use the Inception API to build a custom integration.

Continuous and retroactive scanning with the Inception platform gives us increased visibility to potentially malicious activity across our network environment—even in the past— and the ability to quickly triage those files.

Security Operations Manager

Entertainment Industry

The Inception platform provides a suite of detection and analysis tools that make our processes more efficient and effective.

Security Threat Analyst

Business Application

Inception gives us unique insight into unusual files and makes it efficient to perform on-the-fly testing, which is especially useful.

Security Operations Manager

Entertainment Industry

The Inception platform is opening up new capacity for us to increase coverage in our environment to outsmart attackers.


Retail Industry