Platform benefits

Inside Inception

Gain confidence that your systems aren’t compromised

Inception provides unparalleled, ongoing operational integrity. Get deep and actionable visibility into your own environment so you can detect and respond to attacker compromise in your organization faster—whether current, future, or even in the past. Outsmart attackers and stay out of their reach.


Typical number of days to identify and contain a data breach

High ground

Take back the high ground

Instead of triaging irrelevant noisy alerts, use Inception to focus on things that matter, whether they are anomalous, outright nefarious, or something in between. Inception seeks and scrutinizes novel signals in your environment and alerts you to problems that no one else has found. You can anticipate what’s to come, and stop it before it strikes. And because Inception pre-preserves evidence, you can analyze it at any time, even in your past environments.

Unlock Time
Detect compromise across past, present and future states

Inside Out
Produce your own contextual threat intelligence

Stay Out of Attackers’ Reach
Create tailored, constantly adapting defenses

Quickly identify novel activity and improve your workflow

Uncover what’s new and unusual

Amplify novel activity and find interesting relationships between files in your environment.

Spend less time looking, more time doing

The platform is stacked with investigation and threat hunting tools. It includes an expressive query language that expedites threat hunting, detection, and incident response activities simultaneously.

Get to the interesting work faster

Inception is your partner, distilling insights for your team and automating key threat hunting and detection activities that require heavy lifting so that your team can focus on adding the value of their expertise.

Improve your workflow with Inception

Inception improves your security workflow, integrating with your ticketing and alert systems and feeding into your SIEM and SOAR.

Inception Objects and Assets

Create and preserve
a virtual “evidence locker”

Practice zero trust for your files—Inception treats all your files as suspicious, pre-preserving them as evidence to uncover unknown compromises and future threats.

Inception YARA Rules

Act on contextual intelligence

With its inside-out approach, Inception creates actionable insights for your organization with contextual intelligence about your environment, enriched with external information and emerging insights.

Inception YARA Rule Definition

Build defenses attackers can’t see

A defense an attacker can’t see is one they can’t test. Because Inception helps you efficiently create and refine your own unique defenses, attackers are unable to determine what they look like—and our perpetual storage of pre-preserved evidence means they can’t cover their tracks.