Automated research-grade file analysis with Stairwell Inception and Tines

Making the most of your security tools is a challenge for every organization. When you’re doing it right, the sum will be greater than the parts. But when everything works in silos, how do you get there?

We’re firm believers in building a platform that plays well with the tools you already use, giving you and your team the insights you need to do more with faster, smarter decision-making.

That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to launch our first security automation partnership with the team at Tines. Tines’ passion for democratizing security automation for teams of all sizes matches perfectly with Stairwell’s mission to bring research-grade insights to teams of any skill level.

This initial integration, where we used SentinelOne as our example, brings the best of Stairwell’s knowledge to any alerts from any endpoint security platform. This includes internal insights on data and automated variant discovery capabilities, previously out-of-reach for most security teams.

The kicker? With Tines’ no-code platform, it’s easier than ever to integrate Stairwell with your endpoint platform of choice. Read more about this exciting integration and how to get it set up right from the Tines website.