Learnings that shaped my leadership style

Back when I created Stairwell, I knew I wanted to create a cybersecurity company unlike any other. My intention was to create a business that could take on the really hard challenges that cybersecurity teams often face — and that I personally have faced as a security practitioner —  but hadn’t been solved yet. I also knew that I wanted to form this company around a culture that really celebrated working within a framework of guiding principles — from how we deliver our products and exhibit our values to our customers and partners, to how we interact with each other. I understood, based on the results of what I had learned in my previous roles working in the government, and at Google, Alphabet’s X, and Chronicle, how I wanted to shape my approach to leadership.

I had the pleasure of being able to dispense some of my learnings through FastCompany, regarding my best practices for starting and building a company. Within the article, I discuss important lessons, management skills, and philosophies that have helped me along the way. For more, please visit the full FastCompany article, 5 big lessons I learned by working at Google and Alphabet’s X.