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Make the threat-of-the-day a non-event

Immediately know if your org was impacted

You can begin looking for its traces in your environment because the Stairwell platform pre-preserves your files as evidence. It extracts features out of these files –  including files that may have been deleted – and continuously analyzes them against the latest threat intelligence.

Your team can simply copy the new threat report or the blog page into the Stairwell UI. Stairwell will extract any IoCs from this text and run a search of these IoCs (IP, Domain, YARA, Hashes) against your entire file corpus (past and present) to identify any matches. When matches are found, that’s a confirmation of the presence of the threat in your environment.

Once Stairwell identifies an IoC, you can use your normal incident response process to remedy it. Stairwell also expedites your deep-dive analysis of malware, including efficient identification of any variants so you can root the adversary out of your environment.

Why does it take so long to know if it matters to you?

There is no other platform that can accept IoCs and efficiently run those against your entire file corpus to see if there are any matches.

YARA is meant to be run on files, not applied to logs within a SIEM as is the common practice for retaining data. Many users are not able to leverage YARA rules against their active hosts with existing files, not to mention their historic files.

If malware is dormant, traditional tools won’t see any activity and there won’t be any log entries to match against. Similarly, if the malware existed and later got deleted, there is nothing to compare against.

Software vendors do not typically publish a “bill of materials,” revealing all the open source or commercial elements embedded in their solutions. Waiting for a vendor to do their own research about an exposure and make it known publicly can be a slow and unreliable process.

Quickly identify and triage emerging threats

Unfortunately, nation-state attacks, ransomware, and widespread supply-chain threats that could impact your organization are the new normal. Using the Stairwell platform, you can create processes for quickly responding to newly identified threats in an efficient, coordinated, business-as-usual fashion:

  • Eliminate delays with an immediate search of your environment
  • Establish emergency triage processes
  • Establish communication processes within your organization and your customers in the event of either exposure or no evidence of the IoC

Who’s using it

Organizations and security teams in all industries find value with Stairwell’s ability to quickly determine whether the latest publicized threat affects them.

  • The entire Security Operations Team can quickly analyze whether the newly identified threat – or a variant of it – has impacted your organization and respond accordingly.
  • CISOs are able to respond to customers and board members about your organization’s status regarding emerging cyber threats that have hit the news.
Stairwell in 30 seconds
Stairwell in 30 seconds
Stairwell in 30 seconds
See the power of the Stairwell platform in 30 seconds.