Product Roundup – March 2023

We’ve had a lot happen in March, and we’re happy to show it off in our first-ever Product Roundup – March 2023 edition! This month, like many others, has been focused on making jobs easier, quicker, and more efficient.  We looked at some of the common problems we’ve seen our customers face in their everyday workflows and made a dedicated effort to minimize manual tasks in favor of automation. Take a peek at some of what we’ve released this month below!

Live threat reports

Ever see a threat report and wonder, “Is my organization impacted?” Upload it to the Stairwell platform and it’ll automatically scan your environment for all related IOCs, including any potential malware variants. It won’t take weeks to know the impact – you’ll know in minutes. Learn more about how this new threat reports feature can speed up your workflow.

Threat alerts

Built upon Mal-eval and user opinions, the new threat alerts feature will automatically notify users of real-time alerts picked up by the Stairwell platform. This will help organizations improve their compliance posture and operational efficiency. Read more about how it works, use cases, and the impact it can have.

Forwarder policies and exclusions

Policies and exclusions make it easy to manage file upload behavior for the Stairwell forwarder. Configuration is now available right from the user interface.

Password-protected zip download

Prior to this update, password-protected zip folders with malware couldn’t be downloaded from the Stairwell platform. Now, users can download password-protected zip folders with an industry-standard password (“infected”).

Asset details API

Customers can now pull asset information from a new Rest API endpoint. Information includes asset type, operating system, MAC address, and hostname.

Other minor updates

  • Improved UX:
    • Added YARA hits and Mal-eval details to lists of hashes to provide further context and surface priorities.
    • Improved asset count experience for unpacked objects by surfacing sightings of parent objects.

We have more coming your way for April, so stay tuned for next month’s roundup! In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line or take a virtual tour of the Stairwell platform at your own pace.